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20 Mai 2028 @ 19:45
For everyone, who's interested in CD/DVD booklet-scans, photobooks, photosets and other things from japanese Visual Kei-bands, J-Rock-Bands and also from K-Pop artists, may request to join this community.

1. Do NOT redistribute the stuff without our permission!!
2. I will no longer accept dead journals! If you are registered for a longer period now and haven't wrote any comments yet, you won't get in here.
3. Facebook and Twitter-profiles will NOT be accepted.
4. If somebody breaks one of the rules, he will be banned from this community!
5. Don't forget: EVERYTHING IS SCANNED AND BOUGHT BY jun_chan_23  AND ME!!

So, if you still wanna join, please feel free to do so. (we're not that bitchy as it might sound in the rules XD)
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